Saturday, 28 February 2009

40th Birthday Surprises

Yesterday was Karina's 40th birthday. She thought she was going to spend a quiet birthday on her own as Gordon has been away in Victoria for weeks, as he works for Centrelink and had to go over to help out because of the bushfires. However she was pleasantly surprised!

Her first surprise was her sister and niece turned up at the doorstep from Victoria the night before her birthday. The next day (her birthday!) Gordon snuck into the bedroom and then rang her from his mobile phone. He asked her what could make her birthday better and she of course said 'you being here', to which he appeared from out of the bedroom! What an excellent surprise!

Tonight a few of us waited at The Prickly Cactus for her to turn up with Kylie, her sister and her niece. Kylie had said to her that they should go out for her birthday, but she had no clue that we were all going to be there. It was so funny as she was looking straight in the window towards us, but didn't actually see us till she came in. Jackie, Alicia and Lisa were desperately trying to look inconspicuous!

I think she was happy to see us all! :) Not sure if she appreciated us (and half the restaurant!) singing 'happy birthday' as she walked in though!

It was lots of fun - great food and great company :)

It was quite funny as the water was served in old bottles of tequila. Since none of us are drinkers we thought it was very amusing - we are amused very easily!

Instead of having dessert there, we decided to go for a walk to get gelato for dessert.

It was hard choosing between all the flavours. I ended up getting turkish delight and hazelnut.

It was fun to be a part of Karina's third birthday surprise!


  1. You are all so great at the birthday surprise thing! What a lovely idea. I'm sure Karina is loving being 40 as it is when life begins after all (or so I'm hoping!!!)

    NOT mentioning the gelato (yum!)

  2. Looks like great her face:)


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