Saturday, 14 February 2009

Enjoying The Last Days Of Summer

Usually at this time of year in Tassie it starts really getting hot. Whenever the kids go back it seems to really warm up, but not this year! The past week it has been so much cooler, and I really started to think that Summer was coming to an end. I tried not to moan, as I hated the heat wave we had a couple of weeks ago and kept saying 'I'd rather be cold than hot!', but then when the cool days came back again of course all I was saying was 'it's freezing!!!'.

The past few days have been really nice though - just how I like it - cool nights, so it is comfortable to sleep, and warm days but not so hot that you don't feel like sitting outside for long. Today was one of those days and I can feel Summer slowly slipping away, so we decided to go up to the Gorge for a picnic and so the boys could have a swim.

We headed over to the band rotunda for our picnic as we knew there would be some nice shadey spots for Noah, as the sun was actually quite hot.

The boys had heaps of fun looking for peacocks and trying to find some feathers. They were very lucky and actually found 6 sitting in spots where the peacocks moved from.

Often when we are out with Noah we get people wanting to say hi and have a chat. Today a lady started talking to Aaron and was asking how old the boys were and all about Noah. She also had four boys and used to be a teacher, and said we had lots of 'hard work' with Noah. She and her husband were traveling around Tassie with a group of friends, and were from Essendon. She said that the Gorge was a lot like Marysville in Victoria and was saying how devastating it was that the fires had wiped it out, and how they often go up there for a drive as it was such a beautiful place. The funniest thing was that she couldn't believe that we follow the AFL so much. She was asking Harri who his favourite Hawks player was (they all had their caps on) and Harri said 'Hodgey'. Her husband then came over and said how they were big Richmond fans and was stirring Aaron about the football.

On the way back over to the pool we stopped on the bridge to watch some ducks and some cute little duckings.

There was quite a crowd building up, as everyone would walk past and would stop to watch too.

The boys said the water was freezing, so Aaron and I were quite happy to sit with Noah and Kobe while they had a paddle.

Hopefully we will get a few more weekends like this before Autumn really hits.


  1. What a great day you had. Was it your valentines date? Happy Valentines Day! Are you guys pumped for next week?

  2. Great find with the peacock feathers - we can never find them!

  3. I agree with Kylie, I can never find the peacock feathers.
    Isn't it funny how people everywhere will talk A.F.L.
    I think the Gorge would have to be my favourite place in the world.
    Love Mum.

  4. LIsa, What a beautiful place. It just looks amazingly pretty. The couple you met there have very good taste - as in AFL - GO THE TIGERS!!!! and also in saying that Marysville is (was I should say) such a beautiful place. It is extreamly devastating to think that it no longer exsists.



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