Wednesday, 18 February 2009


For Christmas, Noah got a really cool mirror. Often we will just sit it in front of him, or lay it in his 'little room' for him to look at. Kobe gets a hold of it a lot and thinks it is the best toy ever!

Often I catch him just staring at himself.

Other times he will be smiling at himself, like he thinks it is a totally different person looking back at him!

It's so cute to watch - it keeps him entertained for ages!


  1. I love that top photo! Are those rosy cheeks due to teething?

  2. That is gorgeous. Hopefully he'll grow up still liking what he sees in the mirror!

  3. Ruby has build in mirror door on her wardrobe and loves looking at herself also, they are funny like things. We spend money on toys and they love the simplest thing. Hope your having a good week Lisa,


  4. So cute Lisa! I love it when they find things like this to entertain themselves.


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