Thursday, 12 February 2009

So Happy To Start Kinder

This morning Harri woke up early and came running into the lounge room with a huge smile on his face. I said 'good morning, school boy!' as today was his first day at Kinder and he gives me a big hug and says 'thank you for saying that to me Mum!'. He was so excited and got ready so fast. He has been dying to get his uniform on, and actually wore it most of the day yesterday, even though he didn't have school!

Aaron didn't have to teach until almost 10am, so he was lucky and got to drop off Harri with me for his first day of school. It was also Noah's first day at Punchbowl. Jay and Noah's classrooms are right next door to each other which makes it so much easier this year to drop them off. Last year I had to carry Kobe, push Noah to his classroom which was a long way away and then go down a huge ramp and across the netball court to get to Jalen's classroom. Jay is happy to go on his own, but I like to go to their classrooms as much as I can and check out what they have been up to. Once I had Kobe, we didn't seem to make it down to Jay's class as much as we would have liked as it was just too hard carrying the capsule and pushing the chair at the same time. This year will be a lot easier.

As soon as Noah went to his classroom he was surrounded as usual by a group of girls. They are so lovely to him there. He has two different teachers this year.

Harri and Jay went and played outside till the bell went, and then Harri gave him a quick cuddle and ran flat out to get to Kinder.

Lately Jay has been a bit funny when we ask him about which girls are his friends. He hates us even joking about 'girlfriends' and Harri has picked up on it too. This morning he announces 'Sarah is NOT my girlfriend - she is my best friend, and you are my brother!'. It was nice to see Sarah there when we arrived.

Harri ran straight in, found his name on his bag space and went straight to playing. It was so nice to see him so happy to go to school.

We hung around for a few minutes and saw that he was more than happy to be there, so we said goodbye. It was a strange feeling to know that he was going to be there all day long, by himself, but I was so happy that he was looking forward to it.

When I went to pick him up Jay had already gone down to get him and they were walking up to Noah's classroom. I went in to talk to his teacher (who also taught Jay and Noah in Kinder!) and she said he had a great day and wanted to try everything! He was so happy when he saw me and couldn't stop talking and telling me about his day. He told me he made friends with Joe and that Joe 'goes for the Tigers and the Hawks'. Funny to think they talk about footy when they are in Kinder!

When we were about to leave the assistant principal came over and said that in all her years of teaching she had never ever seen someone as happy and excited to go to Kinder as Harri! She went down to check things out and said he was so happy and running around from one thing to another and was just loving it. I said I wasn't sure if that was a good or bad thing! :) He was really ready for school last year, so he's really going to love his two days a week there. In the car on the way home, he said 'I'm so, so happy to go to Kinder Mum!'. He later said 'Im so proud I'm going to Kinder!'. It was so nice to hear.

He came home very proud to show off his first piece of work.

He ate about half the food in the cupboard when he got home and then we found him lying in bed, sucking his thumb. I asked him what was wrong and he said 'I'm so tired!'.

It's good he has 4 days to rest till his next day there, as I think he will need it!


  1. Annie came back so tired too! Glad he liked it!

  2. Oh it must have been so quiet for you today.

    Glad he liked it, hope he doesn't have to repeat like I did. haha

  3. Oh that bit about being tired is precious! My best friend in Kindy was a boy - his name was Dunstan!! brings back fun memories.

  4. How gorgeous! I'm glad Harri had a great day. How are you going to amuse him until Tuesday???

  5. Oh Harri you are "the man"!!!!!
    You realise Lisa this is the beginning of the end to your "little boy" He is a big boy now ....a real school boy...girl invites...come over to paly calls...etc etc...ARE YOU READY/???

  6. I was so thrilled to talk to Harri om the phone tonight, and to hear him sound so happy about kinder and his new friends.
    You were just like that on your first day too, and you wanted Pip to come and stay the night. That was a laugh.
    Jae seemed equally as happy. It's funny that he wore his uniform yesterday as well.
    I think that little man might need the break over the weekend to recuperate.
    Lots of love.

  7. So happy to hear that Harri's first day was great.

  8. Harri has been ready for school so long. He's such a social butterfly! Glad he's enjoying it. He looks so proud. Was there any tears from any kids there?

  9. At least some ones enthusiastic to go back to school, I'm not!

    Yeh, they used to have the dresses and jumper back then but some where along the line they got rid of them, but all us girls are happy now they brought them back in :D

  10. Such fun. I find myself laughing because your conversational writing is so much different than American English. It's cute! :P


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