Saturday, 28 February 2009

Our Little Shadow

I had forgotten how much a little person loves to be with you. Now that Kobe is moving around all the time, I find he is always at my feet - literally!

It seems like you can't go anywhere without him following you. If I go out to the laundry he tags along behind me and isn't happy until I either pick him up or do something with him.

Whenever we go out to the clothesline, he waits at the screen door until we come back in.

The fridge is by far his favourite thing to get into - if he spots me opening the door - even for just a second, he crawls over at full speed to get there before the door shuts.

My quiet time on the computer is no longer quiet! It's more frustrating than anything as he pulls himself up and taps away at the keyboard and grabs the mouse.

Of course he turns on the charm, so I don't get too cranky with him!


  1. And what a cute shadow he is! Nearly 9 months - imagine the mischief he'll be into in another couple of months?!

    The word verification is "caring"!

  2. Such a cutie, the picture looking down at him by the kitchen counter makes him look so tiny(or your counters look super tall, lol)

  3. Heidi - I thought that too!! Its the lense - he really isn't that tiny and our kitchen isn't that tall! :)

  4. Thats so cute..the fridge one never changes. Chris still goes to his mum's fridge whenever we go there!

  5. How did he turn out so cute with you two? :)

  6. It looks as though Kobe is a typical boy, heading straight to the fridge! I sometimes have to hide in the walk in robe or go upstairs for some peace. Alex is always there, especially when I'm cooking tea. He gets in the dishwasher! I bet Kobe will start doing that next.

  7. Nicki - he already gets into the dishwasher too - just haven't got a pick of that, as i'm too busy trying to get it back up quick!


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