Thursday, 5 February 2009

Hawks Stalk

I think I'm officially over the football already - and the season hasn't even started! On the other hand Aaron is more pumped for it than ever. Today we went into town to see a few of the Hawthorn players who were at MBF signing autographs.

While we were out shopping beforehand we ran into a few of the players who were doing some filming for Hawks Kids TV show. Yesterday Jalen was interviewed on camera for it and told he would be on it - supposedly it starts soon on Southern Cross on Saturday mornings. Jay said he was asked things like 'what do you love about Tasmania', 'what do you think we should do more to help the environment'. I was worried about what he was going to say, but sounds like he came up with some good answers :) We grabbed the opportunity to get a photo with the players before they went into MBF with heaps of people.

The funniest thing is that Harri gets so excited whenever he sees Hawka! He has so many photos with him, but wanted another one. Yesterday when I was lining up to get Luke Hodge's autograph I was keeping my eyes on the boys who were playing 'duck, duck, goose' on Aurora Stadium with Hawka! It was hilarious. Nicki snapped some photos, so hopefully she will have them on her blog.

Inside MBF all of Aaron's dreams came true when he got to touch the premiership cup! He was like a kid in a lolly shop!

Jay was also excited to actually touch it.

Noah on the other hand decided it was all a bit boring! ;)

Peter Hudson was also there so Aaron was excited to get his photo taken with him too.

The first pre-season game starts on Saturday night, and Hawthorn's first pre-season game is 21st Feb at Aurora, so Aaron and Jay are hanging out to go and watch their first live game of the season. They are lucky this year as they will both be going to at least 5 live Hawthorn games this season - both here and in Melbourne, and Aaron may also go on the school footy trip again, so that means even more live footy. I'm glad they aren't into the cricket as much!


  1. Wow Lisa, I bet the team recognizes you guys now. Such great photos.

  2. Congratulations and well done, from the team at project stalk a Hawk - you are officially the new champions!

    They are such friendly guys - what a team!

  3. Kobe and Noah, look like they are way over it.
    Getting to touch The Holy Grail. Well what can I say.!!
    Aaron looks like all his Christmas's and birthdays have all come at once, and we know how he is about that.
    Love Mum.

  4. Looks like you had an even better day yesterday! Surely they must know you all now on first name basis!

  5. Can't tell when ones are the players and which one is Aaron in one of those photos... he fits right in!!

  6. LOL Hannah! Aaron just said 'Hannah must think I'm muscly and sexy then!'. Dream on Aaron!!!


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