Thursday, 26 February 2009

Who Does He Look Like?

I always get people asking me 'who does he look like?' when they see Kobe. At first he looked a lot like Noah - for about 2 weeks. Then he really started to change to look more like Harri. Yesterday Harri pulled out an old photo album of Jalen when he was a baby, and I couldn't believe how much this pic of Jay looks like Kobe! I hadn't thought that he looked like Jalen at all before.

Patrick is in the photo next to him - amazing to think that our little babies will be ten this year! Man I'm getting old!


  1. Wow - I would never have thought that Jalen and Kobe were alike until I saw this! Those wre the days!

  2. Jalen- if I look like I'm about to cry, it's because I'm holding a Blues ball - boo!


  3. Oh he was such a cutie. I had forgotten how cute he was. The days when I was "ditty!" That photo makes me sad. He's all grown up now. They do look alike.

    I am surprised Kylie didn't pick up on the Blues ball! What's going on there?

  4. Patrick is Kylie's son, so they obviously picked up on the Carlton ball :)

    Jay used to be so cute - don't know what happened! ;)

  5. Nicki - I was a bit slow on the day - should have wrenched that yukky ball out of his hands! I probably didn't want to upset him as, from memory, I had just taken Zoe and her dummy away from him! Zoe (same age) had a dummy attached to her top, and Paddy used to pull her by it! Very funny!

  6. they look so alike! both very cute boys that's for sure.

  7. This photo keeps catching my eye on my blog sidebar - those two are SO cute! It does NOT seem like nearly 9 years ago!

  8. So fun looking back on old Photos to see who looks like who!
    Yes i think they look very much alike... way too cute!!


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