Friday, 20 February 2009

Fab Friday

After school the Hawks had 'Fab Friday' at Aurora Stadium. Tomorrow they are playing a NAB cup match against Melbourne, so tonight it was a family night and training session. We went along and hardly anyone else was there which was great. The boys got to go out on the ground to have a bit of a kick before the players arrived.

Kobe was so funny on the grass. It is so nice and soft, but he wouldn't crawl, but would just sit there grinning and kept picking at the grass.

It was a beautiful warm day, but of course typical Tassie weather - it started pouring about 45 minutes after we got there!! We took shelter under the stands and just watched previous games being shown on the big screen until the rain settled down.

Kobe loves it when Aaron gets home from school and wants to have lots of cuddles with him.

Jay had fun finding all the leaks in the stands.

Good old Tassie weather - it didn't take long for the rain to settle and the sun came out again! It was actually quite hot once the sun came back out.

Kylie, Patrick and Lauren came along once the rain settled. We spotted a camera, so we told the kids to go over. They were filming for the new show that starts in March called Hawks Kids TV. They saw the kids in their Hawks gear, so they came around and asked them if they had any ways they have tried to help the environment. Jay, Lauren and Patrick shared some great ideas about saving water, recycling paper and picking up rubbish.

The guy then asks Harri 'what do you do to help the environment?', to which Harri replies 'um, buy a house' ( obviously that is on Harri's mind at the moment as we have been looking at so many houses lately!). Hopefully they will edit that part out :)

Patrick, Lauren and Jay then had to yell into the camera 'you're watching Hawks Kids TV!'. They were very excited. Patrick has been a star in the media the last couple of weeks, appearing in the Examiner earlier in the week.

While they were being interviewed the team finally came out for training.

Aaron and Kylie crack me up as they know all the players and everything going on.

We watched them train for a little while, before we had to get home to Noah who was with Di for a few hours.

Aaron and Jay are very excited about going to the game tomorrow.


  1. Another fantastic photo- I love the one of you holding Kobe up with the light tower in the background - it would make a great "Hawks in Tassie" promo!

    I DO NOT love that photo of me - what was I saying and what was so interesting up there????

    I know I say it a lot - but those Hawks are fantastic guys!

  2. I'm guessing the Boys are going to play AFL... and marry the cheerleaders! LOL

  3. Vienna - no way!! My boys will not be allowed to play AFL! ;)Actually, I don't really think they are the AFL type - they love watching it, but as for playing it I think its a bit rough for them - thank goodness! :)

    Kylie - I think you were just dreaming about Brad in that pic! :) I like that pic of Kobe too - I set it up that way - Aaron was getting cranky as he was holding him and I kept saying - no that way a bit more! :)

  4. You should let them play auskick, it's great for kids

  5. Kobe is such an adorable little boy... He is getting even cuter!
    I have just looked at the same pictures of Blanche's kids doing the same clinic in Hobart! I bet they had fun too.
    Sorry, but my boys were all 'Booing' these Hawthorn pictures!!! lol

  6. KOBE has stolen my HEARt!! he is SO adorable! sounds like you guys had a GREAT time!! x

  7. Looks like you all had a nice time. Kobe is just so cute, always smiling for the camera.


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