Saturday, 21 February 2009

Beautiful Bronte

Today Noah went to a birthday party for his friend Bronte's birthday. Bronte and Noah go to school together at Newstead Heights, and supposedly they have a bit of 'a thing' happening! Everyone tells me that Noah always seems to watch Bronte very closely and vice versa. When we arrived Bronte had the biggest smile to see Noah.

She had three of her good friends from school come as well as family, and her carers.

It was so hard to choose a present for her - now I know what my family go through every Christmas and birthday for Noah! It is hard enough to find things for Noah ourselves, but even harder for Bronte as I wasn't sure what she already had. We ended up buying her a cute little penguin fan that runs by battery. They were very excited about it and said they will use it when she is having her postural drainage done (which is a lot!).

Bronte's best friends - Elly and Dana were both there. They are both so funny as they have the funniest sense of humor. Elly loves to tell jokes - especially if they are a bit rude!

We had cake and food which is always 'funny' as the kids all have PEG tubes, and don't eat orally anyway. The rest of us enjoyed the food anyway, and Elly did have a little taste of cake.

Bronte's grandfather is so lovely. I used to see him walking Bronte every Saturday, but he isn't able to do it anymore because of his health.

The party was held at the school playground which we all have a key for. It's a great place to have it as the kids in wheelchairs get to use the liberty swing.

Noah seemed to love the swing, and was wide eyed once it started moving.

It was nice to share Bronte's 14th birthday with her. We have known the other families for a few years now (lots of trips to hospital together and we also see them during the school holiday program), and its nice as we always know exactly what we are all going through with the kids and caring for them day to day. When you are out with other families who don't have kids with disabilities it is often very different as you get that pitiful tone where they say 'oh it must be so hard', but with these families you don't even talk about things like that, but just share information and stories about carers, meds, feeds, hospital, therapy and school and know that they know exactly what you are talking about.


  1. She is beautiful - it's good that Noah has parties of his own to go to as well - and that you have that support network. (Beats talking about the Hawks all day :).

  2. Aren't those swings great? There's one at our favourite park in Hobart now down near the foreshore near the DEC)

    (Carli, wash you mouth out!!!)

  3. Ha ha, he likes older women! It would be nice to go out to a party and know that you are on the same page as everyone else. That swing looks like a lot of fun. I hope you observed what Bronte got for birthday so we can start thinking ahead for Noah's birthday.

  4. Bronte is beautiful, what a fun party. That swing is great.

  5. It must be great to spend time with people who know exactly what you are talking about, rather than all my 20 questions.:)I remember when we both laughed at, when Hal was young, those syringes that would get stuck after awhile and you passing on some freebies to me.

  6. Lisa, Noah has great taste in girls! Bronte, Elle and Dana are 3 gorgeous girls and I miss seeing them now I don't work at Newstead Heights anymore. Bronte has one of the biggest smiles ever and it looks she had a fantastic birthday party with all her friends!


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