Sunday, 1 February 2009

All Tuckered Out

With the past few days being so hot, it has been really hard to get a good nights sleep. Kobe usually sleeps from about 7.30 - 8pm till 6.00-7.00am. The last few nights however we have been hearing him all night. All of us are a bit tired from not getting much sleep.

This was Kobe all ready for church this morning. He was probably only up for an hour and we found him like this on the floor in the lounge room! He was obviously making up for lost time during the night.

It actually felt cold this morning - hence why he has his overalls on! I'm not sure what the temperature was but boy it felt cold! It was probably something like 15 degrees which is warmer than it ever gets in winter, but I even considered putting on a long sleeve top! I can see now how people acclimatise to the warm weather as anything below 25 is feeling very cool at the moment! Not that I'm complaining! ;)


  1. Love the sleepy pic, one wiped out little boy.

  2. Hope he slept during church. Alex has the exact same overalls, but in 00 size.

  3. I agree about the weather, it was cold going to work this morning!

  4. Hi Lisa,
    Yes the weather has been wiping Ruby out a bit also. Kobe looks very cute here. Nathan teachers at Youngtown, they were one of the schools that elected to do extra PD at the start of the year for extra pay. Yes well we will believe the pay bit when we see it. LOL
    I am glad the weather had cooled down a bit, you guys look like you had a ball at St Helen's.

  5. Yes Nathan does enjoy Youngtown. He was at Scottsdale before that which he absolutely loved, real country town community. He used to commute and it was to hard when Isabella was born.
    I am sort of thinking about going back to Uni and doing Education next year, still not totally decided.


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