Sunday, 22 February 2009

A Good Year

After church today we went up to the Gorge to celebrate Annie's 1st birthday. As Bec said when we were just about to have the cake 'it's been a good year'. It's so nice for Bec and Tony to have such a happy year with little Annie (Toni - do you recognise the dress!!? A friend of Bec's made it for her).

The kids had a great time together. Some of them had a splash in the pool.

Others were just happy to sit on the side lines and watch the action.

Bec was doing a great job of being papparrazzi for the day.

Harri loved all the party food. He kept saying 'can we be here for a long time!?'.

Happy birthday Annie!!!


  1. Wow when does Pip ever not look gorgeous!! It must be so lovely for Bec to have such a gorgeous little girl.

  2. ha - always weird to see someone i don't know in one of my patterns...looks very cute on her though!


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