Saturday, 14 February 2009

Sent Home From School

Yesterday Noah woke up happy enough, but within half an hour started screaming. He settled down after a feed and went to sleep, so I took him up to school and told Di (his aide) that he may be a bit cranky, but hopefully it will pass.

At 11.00 I got a text message saying he really wasn't happy at all, so we went to get him. When I got to school I could hear the 'hungry cat' all the way up the hall. Poor Noah was having a cuddle with Di in the staffroom and was yelling away. He settled down for a couple of minutes when he heard my voice, but the rest of the day at home he just yelled. Poor Kobe didn't know what to make of it all. He hasn't really experienced much of Noah being cranky, and would stand up next to him to see him and Noah would just yell at him, and Kobe would drop the lip!

He yelled until 9pm, and then slept till 11.45 pm when he woke up crying again. So far today it is a much better day, so who knows what was wrong yesterday. If only he could tell us - it would make it so much easier to help him.


  1. Poor Kobe looks a bit distressed. Hope Noah gets to feeling better. (I can't believe you thought I gave up on blogging! I've been lucky to get the laundry done and food on the table with "The Boss" being sick. :)

  2. Hope today continues to be better. Poor Noah looks miserable and Kobe looks very worried.

  3. I was thinking that maybe Noah has the back to school blues. I reacon if he starts crying again on Monday, he's upset about going to back to school, and wants to hang out with you and Kobe.Hope he's just got the back to school blues and nothing too serious. That's so sweet how Kobe is so concerned about him.

  4. Oh poor Kobe, and poor Noah! I hope he's much better soon - Nicki could be right I used to get terrible Mondayitis!

  5. Lisa I am sorry to hear that Noah was not a happy camper. I hope he is feeling brighter and happier soon. Kobe does look a little distressed.



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