Thursday, 19 February 2009

One Boy Days

Harri had his third day at Kinder today. He is getting tired and cranky, but is so excited to go. On Tuesday after school he tells us at tea time 'two more sleeps and we get to go to the Punchbowl library!'. This morning all three boys were at Punchbowl together. On the way to school Harri asks if we can go to his class first. I told him that we would drop Noah off first as his room was close to the carpark and then I could take him down, which he wasn't happy about.

While I was taking Noah to his class, Jay and Harri left and I assumed that they both went to Jalen's class. When I finally got into Jay's class, Harri was nowhere to be seen and Jalen had no clue where he was! As Jay does, he went into a panic and ran off trying to find him. I wasn't worried as I knew he wouldn't be far away, but it was hard to find him as he was in uniform along with 250 other students!

Jalen's friend Conner than came over and told me that Harri was sitting down on the step near Kinder waiting for me! He was so keen to go to school that he decided to take himself down to the Kinder and his friends let him in the child proof gate! Jay and I went down there and Jay was so funny - giving him the big talking to - 'Harri! I was really worried about you! Don't ever go down by yourself again, as we didn't know where you were!'. I had to laugh.

The three days that Harri has been at school has been filled up so far with seeing friends. It is so nice to just go out with Kobe. Today we went to the park to meet Lynne and her boys and Bec and Annie. The weather was so nice - 28 degrees today. Funny how before I would just about die in 28 degree heat! Now it feels really nice to me, but not hot like it used to. After the heat wave a few weeks back I don't think I will ever complain about anything less than 30 degrees. Annie and Kobe were party poopers and slept for the first little while.

It was nice to catch up with the girls and to see Lynne and her boys. They are both so similar in their looks, and so cute.

Annie is growing up so fast - she is 12 months next week already!!! The year has just flown by.

It's so nice being able to just spend a few hours with Kobe. Harri is always interested in what we have been doing and wasn't impressed that we went to the park without him today.


  1. Great pics of Bec and Lynne and crew! You're getting to be quite the photographer Lisa! 28oC - it's all relative. After weeks of 34oC+ last summer here in Augusta we certainly welcomed the cooler days!

  2. I look forward to next month when we can start going out to the park. It's funny to see everyone in shorts and t's.

  3. It's nice to see you get a little bit of time to nearly yourself - Kobe and Jonty start kinder in 2013!!


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