Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Sensible Boys

Yesterday Jalen came home from school, excited to tell me that he and his best friend Braydon, both got to go outside during class time to play with a boy called Michael. Michael is a boy in their class who has special needs. Jay's teacher told me that yesterday she wanted two sensible boys to go out with him, to play with a ball and to teach him how to share and take turns etc.

Jay was telling us how Michael kept saying 'what's your name?' and would repeat their names back to them and then later kept patting them on the back saying 'my friends!', which Jay thought was so cool. It's so nice to hear how happy Jay was to help him. I know that having Noah as a brother has taught him a lot.

Tonight Brayden came home for a play after school. They were both very patient with Harri, letting him join in with what they were doing. It's nice to know he has such good friends.


  1. Thats fantastic Jalen - you are a great brother and wonderful friend. Lisa I have a feeling Patrick's "biggest nightmare" bully has moved to Punchbowl. I will have to email and fill you in on the details!

  2. They all look so serious don't they?
    When is Jae going to blog again?
    I have really been looking foward to it.
    Tell him Grandma is waiting!!!
    Love Mum.

  3. That is so neat Lisa, such a great kid.

  4. It's so comforting to know our kids have good friends hey?
    I used to worry about them making the 'right' friends, but i think we are lucky having the church and i figure they will find friends with similar personality traits and interests as them... well so far that has worked!
    I loved your post on the fires here in Melbourne... it was very well said!


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