Sunday, 1 March 2009

Autumn BBQ

We haven't had an official family tea for a while with everything going on over summer, so tonight we all headed out to Mum and Dad's for a BBQ tea. I only just realised that summer is now officially over and am feeling depressed already! Today was a beautiful day though, so I'm just going to pretend that it really isn't Autumn yet and hope winter doesn't come too soon (I'll keep dreaming!).

The boys were excited to be going out to Grandma and Grandpa's house as we haven't been out for a while. Can't you just tell how excited they are!?

Jalen had a sleepover at a friends house last night, so he was tired and cranky all afternoon. Lucky they all had a bit of a nanna nap on the way out, as they needed lots of energy to play with their cousins.

Lachlan is so cute, and growing up so fast.

He's such a happy little man, and Jared had him chuckling away.

Grandpa rounded up all the grand kids and bribed them with lollies. They had to sing him a song that they sang in Primary at church before they could get their lollies. I think Steph and I sang more than they did, and lucky us - we got a packet of smarties out of it too :)

Kobe was loving being able to crawl around and explore everywhere. I don't think I even saw him half the time as he just crawled around and didn't make a sound.

It was so great to see Eamon again. I have hardly seen him since he has been born and need to make an effort to go and visit more often. He has grown heaps as well and is getting to the great stage where he is starting to interact a bit more.

Noah came home early from school on Friday as he wasn't happy, and has been sick all weekend. It looks like he will have a few more days off from school. He spent the whole time having lots of nebs and being suctioned. Maddi was so cute and wanted to know what was going on.

All the little kids love hanging out with Grandma. She always keeps them entertained - from playing 'Simon Says' (or was it doing pilates!!?)

to doing crafts with them,

and letting them help put candles on the cake (to celebrate 'big' (or not so big anymore!) Alex's and Steph's birthdays in February).

On the way home I asked Jay if he feels a bit out of it as he is the only one around his age. He said he does, and wishes he had cousins that were his age to play with. He is so patient with all the little ones. I told him it won't be long and they won't even notice that there is much of an age difference between them all.

Can't wait for our next official family get together as Chrish will be home for Easter! :)


  1. see you're never too young to have a nanna nap. I laughed when I saw the photo after your comment "they were so excited", that's so cuuuuuute.

  2. Wow - I bet that was the quietest trip in the King van for a while!

  3. Looks like a wonderful day, so strange to hear you talk about winter coming when it is just leaving here

  4. They're supposed to be sleeping on the way home not the way to Grandma's house - love the pilates group happening!

  5. It was a beautiful day yesterday. I am so with you about summer gone. We didn't even have one. Autumn is my fav season except that it is all downhill from then. Brr!!


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