Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Hawks at Sunrise

This morning we headed down to Aurora Stadium at 7.30am as we heard that the Sunrise morning show was going to be doing live crosses every half an hour, with a couple of the Hawks players. Since Noah had been so cranky yesterday I wasn't keen on waking him, and told Aaron to just take Jay and Harri down. Noah started to wake about 6.45 am and seemed settled, so we decided to all go down. Noah very quickly fell back to sleep though and missed the whole thing!

When we got there just after 7.30am we were very surprised to see hardly anyone down there! It was great as it meant we got to see everything that was going on and spend time talking to the two players (Trent Croad and Grant Birchall) without having to fight the crowds.

Mark Beretta was there from Sunrise and every half and hour they would have a live cross to him to do the sport. He was actually really lovely and as soon as he saw us he gave us a wave and said hi and asked us how we were. I said 'tired' and he said 'I know how that feels!'. I don't envy his job getting up so early every morning to do the show. He was really cool and had a good talk and was saying how awful the heat was in Melbourne last week when he was doing the broadcasts from the Australian Open.

There were probably only about ten kids there altogether, so it was great as it meant my boys were able to get in the shots on camera. Mark said he would set up the 8am shot so that the boys were on camera. Just before the live cross the camera man told me to get all the kids to move over a bit more so that Jay and Kobe could be seen better. We recorded it and when we got home, were so excited that you could see three of the boys really well in the background. Noah was just out of the shot unfortunately.

For the second live cross the kids were in the background handballing with the Hawks players into the target. Harri actually starred during this segment and got the ball through the target at the beginning and pumped the air with his fist! Later on in the segment he was right up near Mark while he was talking.

It was fun to be a part of. There were a few Telstra employees there as well. Two lovely guys talked to us a lot and said they were from Sydney and travel around with the AFL community camps. They were lovely in trying to get the boys included and gave them two free footballs to take home.

Kobe was so cute in his little Hawks jumper. Everyone was laughing at him sitting on Jalen's knee for the live cross and he kept trying to wriggle away. He had a great time. The boys thought it was a bonus to have a free sausage sizzle for breakfast!

We head back this afternoon for the Hawks Family Day where more players will be there and will do drills etc with the kids. The boys can't wait.


  1. And that just proves it...HOW MANY PEOPLE WERE THERE THIS MORNING AARON????? GO THE TIGERS...YEAHHHH..the best team ever.

  2. Seriously though.... that is great that you had so much one on one with those guys...good for you.
    Pay the price(lack of sleep for Lisa) the prize...(footballs for the boys)

  3. that is so neat, looks like the boys had a great time.

  4. I love that last photo of Kobe! I watched the tape back and saw Harri get his handball in - what a star! You've got some fantastic photos to add to your collection! It must be about time for a post from the other two bloggers in the family!

    Aren't the Hawks the best? How many other teams do so much for their supporters - Oh , and did I mention they are 2008 PREMIERS!

    GO HAWKS!!!!

    PS The word verification is "brad4kylie" ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  5. Thanks Lisa, we were leaning towards the Playstation and I think you have confirmed it for us. Gee if Uncle Kev comes good we might get both...


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