Saturday, 21 February 2009


Today these mad Hawks fans went off to watch the NAB cup game live at Aurora - Hawthorn V Melbourne.

While they were off cheering on the hawks, I was busy looking after my three boys, plus Maddi and little Alex.

It's too hard to go with Noah and because I was going to be stuck at home anyway, I offered to look after them so Nicki could go along with Alex. It was very busy, but they were great. Little Alex is a go-er and I had to watch him all the time, but he is such a happy boy. I just dumped out all the toys and let them go for it.

Maddi was a crack up. She is so cute and would come out with stuff that would make me laugh like 'Noah isn't talking today - he is sick'. Later on he started yelling and Maddi says 'Noah's better now!'. She also just comes out with 'I love Grandma, and Poppy'. She then told me 'if I hit baby boy (meaning little Alex) I have to sit in time out'. I asked her if her Mum gets angry when she hits him and she said 'no, she gets cross'. She was so cute!


  1. I think you might have got more peace and quiet with the kids and alot less stress then to have had Aaron with you during the first three quarters

  2. I can't believe you let Aaron drive the van! I saw him lead-footing it out of the carpark at the end of the game trying to beat us poor pedestrians!!!

  3. A sincere thanks for looking after those two! I felt terrible for leaving them as you already have such an easy time with Noah, Kobe and Harri! I thought Harri was coming to the game as well.

    I'm sure Maddi the chatterbox will give good reports about her trip to Auntie Lisa's place for weeks. She has an incredible memory and you can't knock anything over her, including our discipline methods! Aaron joked around during half time and said that Little Alex had broken your CD player and Maddi had pooed her pants twice, and I felt terrible. I was hoping they would be on their best behaviour and wouldn't create anymore dramas. Aaron shouldn't joke on those matters as I am incredibly gullible.

    A note for Kylie, we loved our van taxi driver. He got us there and back in a jiffy. I almost felt like we were at the MCG with all the traffic and pedestrians we had to contest with. We went home very happy.

  4. Ha Ha - I can just see Aaron driving a Maxi Taxi in Melbourne!!!

  5. Yes we were very happy with our personal driver,and only 5 minutes there and 5 minutes back, and what a game.
    We all went home very happy.
    Although there was only 6 kids it seemed like a dozen when we got back to your place.
    Love Mum.


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