Saturday, 22 November 2008

Clare's Shower

Today was Clare's baby shower. It's hard to believe that it's already less than two months till her little girl is due. Clare told me that she was pregnant on the day that Kobe was born (and so did Becky!), so it was a VERY exciting day to have a baby myself (although I'm not sure whether I was experiencing too much excitement in between all the pain!) and then to hear two of my great friends were pregnant as well. Both Becky and Clare are due around the same time.

Heaps of people came and it was nice catching up with everyone.

Nyah will soon have a little friend to play with. Hard to believe that she is almost 1 already! This time last year Kristen was about ready to pop (and we were waiting for her to have her baby before we did our Christmas play at church).

Clare got some beautiful presents - including lots of pink things.

Helene is so clever and made Clare some roses out of little baby socks.

Hope the next couple of months go fast for you Clare and Sam:)


  1. Wow was it only a year ago we did that play? seems like ages...ahh good times:)

  2. Love the picture of Nyah she looks so cute!

  3. Wow heaps of people! Hope that everyone had a lovely time, sad I missed it. Can't wait till we get to meet Clare and Sam's little girl!


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