Thursday, 13 November 2008

Wessle Me!

A couple of weeks ago Aaron started to wrestle Harri and Jay on our bed. Since then, Harri has been asking every night if Aaron would 'wessle' him. Some nights I say to Harri that Dad isn't going to wrestle him tonight because he's busy. He then asks 'when he's not busy then!?'. So of course Aaron see's Harri's pleading eyes and they end up wrestling most nights.

So far there haven't been too many injuries - yet!

Even Kobe loves getting in on the action!

I often wonder what it would be like with a house full of girls, rather than boys.


  1. They are very familiar looking pictures! My boys LOVE to wrestle with Anthony too, drives me mad, but they love it...and so does Anthony. (the biggest kid of all)

  2. All Girls, wouldn't want to do it to you.

    Looks like fun, they do need some roughing

  3. Hahaha, that's so cute!

    I can't imagine what your house would be like with all girls!

    It's good that Noah is into more quiet sports, too.. like lawn bowls.

  4. I suppose it was like us when the boys were younger. All fun until someone inevitabely got hurt and then it became really serious,only difference was it was me wrestling the boys,or should I say it was the other way around,and I got hurt,and then there were serious tears. Love Mum xxx Kobe looks like he is loving it,and the other two look like it's the attack of the stick insects!

  5. I love it. We would do exactly the same each night. We called it 'rough and tumble' and thats exactly what it was. Dad got hurt all the time. Probably what caused his slipped disc!! he he

  6. My girls get in on the action as much as the boys. They love it. (They just squeal a bit more!) I just hate that i have to un-rile them afterwards and it is ALWAYS before bed!!

  7. Looks like they are having a great time. I remember wrestling with my brothers when we were young

  8. Both Patrick and Lauren love to wrestle and someone ALWAYS gets hurt! I've banned them from the loungeroom, and block my ears when the inevitable howling starts - especially when it's Shayne!!!

  9. Girls full of girls = "who nicked my undies?" etc. oh is that just our house?


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