Friday, 7 November 2008

Punchbowl's Got Talent

This afternoon at school there was a "Punchbowl's Got Talent" show. Kobe, Harri and I went along to watch as Jay had entered it with his friends Conner and Braydon. They were doing a Speed Stack relay.

The Prep to grade 2's did their acts first. There were some cute little acts - girls dancing, a kid dressed as a clown, a boy tap dancing (he was quite good!), a group of girls singing a song from 'High School Musical' (Harri thought that was great!) and a few other cute acts.

Harri started to get very bored after a while, and so must have Kobe as he fell asleep in my arms. Finally Jay, Braydon and Conner were on. I have to say though that it wasn't half as good as Harri and Jay in the talent show at church - it would've been better with some music to get the crowd going, but they did a great job.

The judges were quite impressed - both of them gave them an 8.5 out of 10.


  1. It's good Jae could do an act with his friends.Can't imagine what Harri would do if he had the chance to get up thereon the stage. theyr'e both such hams. Love Mum xxx


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