Sunday, 30 November 2008


Yesterday we were going to go and watch the Christmas parade in town, but it had poured all night and drizzled all morning. The rain stopped, but we didn't feel like taking Noah and Kobe out in case it started again. Mum and Dad were coming into the parade as well and all morning I tried to ring them to tell them we weren't going. I finally got them on Dad's mobile as they were about ten minutes from town.

Mum said it was okay as they had jobs to do anyway, and I told her we thought we might go to a couple of open homes instead. Mum asked if we wanted her to look after the boys while we did that and of course we jumped at the chance! Jay and Harri decided they wanted to come though, and after we looked at houses we convinced them that it would be a LOT more fun spending time with Grandma and Grandpa than coming into town Christmas shopping with us!

They agreed, so we dropped them off at home and escaped for over three hours with NO boys!!! Oh boy was it nice! I rang Mum after a little while and asked if they were okay to stay for a while, as we were having too much fun and didn't want to come home in a hurry! She sounded worried and asked if we were going to get a motel for the night!!

We had a lovely time shopping, having a quiet lunch and shopping some more. It was very hard to drag ourselves home :) It's not very often that we are out for so long without the boys - actually I don't think we have ever been out for more than a couple of hours without any boys with us.

When we got home it was lovely to come home to tea in the oven, the ironing done and the washing folded! I think Mum and Dad should come in every Saturday!! :) I think they have other ideas. Mum now realises why I'm looking forward to Harri going to Kinder next year - he is soooo draining as he is just at you all day long. This is Mum telling him for the tenth time to just 'listen' before he started asking the same thing all over again.

Kobe is like 'why did you leave us for so long Mum!!!?'.

Dad was all tuckered out after a big day with the boys. He decided after we got back that he was going to go to Bunnings (his excuse to have a break!). Mum then says 'why don't you take Harri with you!!!?' (her way of having a break from Harri!!), so poor Dad was stuck taking Harri to Bunnings. He would have chewed Dad's ear off. Dad deserved a little nap after that!


  1. I think you're forgetting the highlight of your afternoon!

    "...And then at Kmart, Aaron and I ran into Alison and it was so lovely to see her, even if she was tired and grumpy in her Hungry Jack's uniform..." Something like that. ;)

  2. What a way to spoil an afternoon...going to KMART! I went last weekend and boy was it busy! You didn't miss much at the parade - if Paddy hadn't been in it we wouldn't have bothered either. Did Aaron know that Luke Hodge was in town last night?

  3. That is totally awesome of your Mum and Dad!!!

  4. I'm glad you had a good day. Three hours of guitar hero can send you round the bend!!! We were really tuckered out last night,and I went to bed early, well for me anyway. I kept nodding off in church today. Love Mum xxx

  5. Your dad looks exhausted in that photo. Oh yum I bet tea was yummy!! What a lovely treat to come home to.

  6. Sam is the same right now. He asks the same question over and over. I'm ready for him to go to school too! But he won't start until next September!


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