Saturday, 29 November 2008

Treats, Trees and Wreaths

Last night we had our Relief Society Christmas party at the Honey's house. Kym organised lots for us to do. The funniest thing was a game of 'wink murder'. One of us was the 'detective' and someone else was the 'murderer'. Whenever the murderer winked at someone they had to 'die', by making lots of dramatic noise. The detective had to work out who it was.

Me as detective. Don't I look like I mean business!? ;)

Some of the victims! Quick - someone steal Kym's good camera!!!

We then broke into three groups to do some Christmas things. Helen showed us some quick and easy Christmas recipes to make.

Annette showed us how to make mini wreaths using coloured ribbons.

Kym showed us how to make cute little Christmas trees out of blocks of wood. Collette being very proud of hers!

We were supposed to make a group of three, but Lisa and I ended up making a whole forest. They looked great. My boys were very impressed with them this morning, and were surprised I made them. I won't tell them how easy they were!

Of course no church activity is complete without yummy food.


  1. Awww, awesome! :) I love Christmas stuff!
    Helen is a very good cook. I miss having her cook me tea. I'm glad she went along! :)
    As for wink murder, you totally had your teacher face on! You've still got one!


  2. Oh man I should have invited myself along. That looks like a great night. Are you sure those christmas trees are easy? They look awesome!!

  3. Simone - trust me!!! Even I could do these and that is something! All it was was wood cut out into triangles (Tony Gugliotti did that for us). Then we spray painted them with chickenfeed spray paint ($2 a can!) and then dried it with a hair dryer. Then we got white paint on a toothbrush and flicked the tooth brush with our finger to splash the paint onto it! Then just hot glue gunned a star on the top. You could do them so quick in enrichment. Mum drew the size of the triangles on card today and is going to get Eden to cut out some for her. You should get him onto it to do enough for your RS. Soooo easy!

  4. You DO look like you're hiding something. Cool trees! (And that food looks awesome - can I see fudge??)

  5. Yep. I'm doing a forest of trees. yours looked great. Love Mum xxx

  6. those christmas trees look REALLY good in your pics! look at all that yummy food! ah gotta love the relief soceity raves:)


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