Thursday, 27 November 2008

Christmas Colours

I'm not sure whether brown and gold are considered to be Christmas colours. In Aaron's eyes though nothing is more beautiful than brown and gold!

For years Aaron has been wishing he had a Hawthorn Christmas stocking. A couple of years ago he found a Scooby Doo stocking and decided that he wanted it and has had that one ever since (yes - Aaron IS a big kid at heart!). A couple of days ago the Hawthorn yearbook arrived with their usual 'Hawks Nest' catalogue. Straight away Aaron spots the Christmas stocking and reminded me again that he wanted one (like I had forgotten!).

Being the good wife that I am I called into Balls and Bumpers while shopping yesterday and asked the guy if they had any AFL Christmas stockings in. The guy asks me which team I was after and for a second it suprised me, as I didn't think that anyone else would go for any other team than Hawthorn!!! Boy have a I been brainwashed!!!! I looked at the guy and said 'Hawthorn!!!' with that tone as in 'of course Hawthorn!'.

It doesn't quite match all our other lovely stockings that have Christmas colours.

I do love the 'Noah's Noel' stocking that Gillian quilted for us a couple of years ago. I have since claimed it as mine (don't tell Noah though!).


  1. I want one! It's funny, I was going to comment on your Christmas post and ask why there was no brown and gold - and here it is!!

  2. You are a good wife - I don't think I cold handle the colour clashing! I'm sure Noah won't mind sharing with you :)


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