Friday, 14 November 2008

Student Free Day

Today Noah's school had a 'Student Free Day' - the day that all parents dread! I probably shouldn't complain, because at least Jay's school didn't have one at the same time - the day is a lot longer when Jay is home as well and Harri and Jay are fighting. For those who don't know what a 'student free day is' it is a day when just the teachers go and take part in different professional development, moderation and meetings. Aaron dreads them and says he would much rather have the students at school.

I planned all week that we would just have a quiet day at home. If I really want to I could get out with the three boys, but it takes too much energy to even think about going out with the three of them, let alone doing it. It means I would have to carry Kobe in the pouch and he is starting to get pretty heavy, so it is much easier just spending a quiet day at home.

It was definitely quiet for Noah - it was probably nice for him to have the day off, as he slept till lunch time. Harri decided to put on a 'show' for the boys, but Noah didn't think too much of it and slept right through. Harri had the Lego knights all lined up on the coach to watch the show as well. Guess he had to have some kind of audience!

Must've been a good show, as he had to have the sweat band on!

Kobe on the other hand thought it was great! He's going to be so bored next year when Harri goes off to Kinder two days a week.


  1. It's hard work being an entertainer Love Mum xxx

  2. I know the feeling Lisa! Charlotte was like Noah and has a restful day for teh student free day. I actually had all three home as Amelia had the day off as well!!!!!! And her and William always are in each others face which can be very stressful, so know what it is like when you talk about Harri and Jai.


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