Monday, 24 November 2008

Anyone Can Be A Gardener!

Okay - so I figure that anyone can be a gardener if they have roses in their garden! Check out the roses at the 'murderer's house' across the road.

No one has lived there for over two years and their roses still look amazing every year!


  1. you think it's some weird curse or something? spooky!

  2. Now I know why my roses are so dodgy this year - I treat them too well!

  3. I told you the roses looked fantastic. Maybe there's a body fertilizing the garden! And I'm really suprised you got up that close. I'd like to get some cuttings next planting time. Is that too harsh? Love Mum xxx

  4. Aaron just said it must be the 'blood and bone' they put on it!! He thinks he is funny!....

  5. I agree with Aaron must be the blood and bones fertilising the roses..
    Great photos though..


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