Thursday, 27 November 2008

Lunch With My Gym Buddies

Today Jacquie, Bonnie and Simone came around for lunch. Simone and I have been texting back and forth saying we were missing each other and needed to catch up, so we arranged to have lunch today. It was so good to see her and also catch up with Jacquie and Bonnie.

Simone was saying that Jonty is 16 days old. It seems like he was born so long ago and I feel like I haven't seen Simone for ages. He seems like such a good baby - very placid and 'easy' (or as 'easy' as a newborn could be).

'Auntie' Bonnie having a little cuddle!

Harri had been hanging out all week for Ty and Callum to come around for a play. Jacquie made some awesome dinosaur biscuits which Harri thought were very cool. I just realised that I have no pics of Jacquie! Next time...

Cheeky Kobe looks huge compared to Jonty.

I'm having a little 'break' from the gym at the moment, and I'm already missing catching up with everyone regularly. It was nice to catch up with the girls away from the gym and especially to see Simone and little Jonty. We will have to do it more often.


  1. Thank goodness their were no photos of me it would have wrecked a good blogg. Was great to catch up & have time for a chat we will have to do it more often with both you & Simone awol from the gym

  2. That boy is going to have to learn to do something better with his tongue. Love Mum xxx

  3. Perhaps Kobe is practising the Haka with that tongue out all the time!!!

  4. Is that a big glass of beer Simone is drinking???

  5. Ha,ha! yes that does look like I am chugging a big pint of beer. Looks like I needed it! I must admit the highlight of my week was catching up for lunch. Does that make my life sound sad or what!! :)


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