Saturday, 29 November 2008

Hanging Out For Kinder

Yesterday Harri, Kobe and I went to the last 'Kickstart' for the year at the Kinder at school. I love watching Harri's face when he is there as he just loves it. Yesterday they had a music session and Harri was really into it.

Kobe decided that he wanted to eat the maracas instead of playing them.

The music teacher did the Aussie Twelve Days of Christmas, using Australian animal soft toys. It was great. Harri was the only one getting into it yelling 'and a kookaburra up a gum treeeeee!'.

We are so looking forward to Kinder next year!


  1. You have to just love this kid. Talk about wearing his heart on his sleeve!! Love Mum xxx

  2. Does't he look like his dad in the last shot? Love Mum xxx

  3. Us too! Annie asks every week if she can start yet.

  4. Wouldn't every teacher love a litle Harri in their class? His face says it all!

  5. After today, I can see why you are really looking foward to kinder, but do they know what theyr'e in for!!!? Love Mum xxx


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