Sunday, 9 November 2008

The Devil in Disguise

Oh boy - what a 'fun' day we had with Harri today! We often get comments that he 'is cute', which he can be, but some days (like today!) he was the devil in disguise.

Lately Harri has been a pain in the bum. Six months ago or so, Harri was quite placid and if we said 'no' to something he would accept it, get on with it and be okay. Now he throws tantrums like a two year old, argues with us and cries a lot.

I think the issue is that Harri used to get a lot of one on one time with either Aaron or I and since Kobe was born he doesn't get as much time with us, and is feeling it. Before one of us would be dealing with Noah and that meant that Jay and Harri got a lot of time with the other one. Now one of us is usually dealing with Kobe and the other with Noah, and that means Jay and Harri are getting a lot less 'one on one' time with us, and are often left to deal with things on their own which means a lot more fights between the two of them, or Harri getting upset because he wants something right now, but has to wait.

Today at church Harri asked to go to the toilet during sacrament meeting. I know they usually don't really need to go, but we give them one chance to go out to go to the toilet and/or get a drink. and that is it. Harri went and then Jay decides he needs to go half an hour later. Of course Harri also thought he needed to go again when Jay went, to which I told him 'no'. That's when the tantrum starts. He starts crying really loud saying 'the wee is coming out!!'.

I told him to stop and be quiet, but he keeps going, so I stand up and grab his hand and say 'Okay - let's go then' (meaning we were going to go and sit out in the car until he settled down, which we often do at church as they realise how boring it is just sitting there and decide its a lot more interesting sitting in church quietly), and Harri stands up screaming really loud asking 'what are you going to do to me Mum!!?'. Of course everyone is chuckling as I drag him out screaming! It reminded me of the time that Mum said Eden did the same thing but he screamed 'don't bash me Mum' and 'help me Bishop' or something along those lines (I think Dad may have even been the Bishop then!).

We sat in the car and within a minute he decides that is boring and he really doesn't need to go to the toilet and is much happier to sit in church quietly. Of course though the 'fun' didn't stop there. There were more tantrums in Primary, then after church he comes screaming up the hall in tears saying that someone had the ball (the kids had found a tennis ball outside). I had no idea what it was about, but to Harri it was like the end of the world and everyone knew about it!

Of course now he is sleeping like an angel and does look very cute again! Until the 'fun' all starts again tomorrow. Guess I should stop complaining and enjoy it while he is little, as I'm sure it's going to become a lot more 'fun' when the boys are teenagers!


  1. That's a classic! What a character. Lauren is my feisty one - it's a shock after quieter kids like Jalen and Patrick isn't it? Keeps us on our toes though! It's amazing how a photo of them asleep can make up for all the "unpleasant" stuff!

  2. Hehe. I started laughing because of the Eden story. I remember that being mentioned by your family on several occasions!
    I don't know how I'm ever gonna handle my kids if they throw tantrums...I might need to ask for a few tips when that day comes!
    BTW my verification word is "MATES" that seems rather ironic!

  3. Oh dear!!

    I laughed out loud when I read about your brother.

    One of my favorite things to do is whenever I'm in Kmart or something with mum, I'll be like "Don't hit me mum! Please don't hit me!" Hahaha. It's so funny.

    I love it.

    Good luck keeping up with Mr. Harrison as he tries to figure himself out. :)

  4. Mel - its tough when they are at the tantrum stage. Jay hit it at 3 and Harri at 4! I still don't know how to deal with it except ignore it as much as possible, and it's not possible in the middle of church! Fun, fun!

    Kylie - I think that is why I'm finding it so tough - as Jay is so placid compared to Harri!

  5. Oh! I've never noticed dear little Harri chucking tannties L.O.L. Yes it did bring memories of Eden, but he said "Don't whip me Mum. Ireally wanted to after that.

  6. Oh Lisa, he looks so sweet asleep, hard to believe that little angel could throw tantrums,lol.

  7. I remember Aaron taking Melekai out of sacrament once and there was silence then a whack then a scream. I told him if he wanted to smack him at least take it out of ear shot! I was so embarrassed! They all do it!

  8. Opposition in ALL things. Unfortunately we have to have the bad to appreciate the good!

  9. I wonder if Harri's ears are burning?

  10. This post and comments has made me crack up! Thanks for the laugh!

  11. haha the best part was that the WHOLE ward (25 of us) seemed to be lining the hallway when harri chucked the ball tanty...ah love it!

  12. Ah.... you gotta just laugh I guess. Kids are so hard sometimes - I hate how when things just seem to be going good - it all changes!! Had to laugh at the 'what are you going to do to me mum!!' :-)

  13. he he h ehe he he!!! I know all about it!


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