Thursday, 6 November 2008

Best Friends

Yesterday Harri was so excited to go and play at Hallie and Oliver's house. Simone didn't think she was busy enough getting ready to have her baby sometime within the next couple of weeks, and took Harri home with them for the day, after we went to the gym. Harri had a fantastic time, and it was sooooo quiet at our house all day. I picked up Jay from school and he turned around and says hi to Noah and Kobe and then starts to tell me about his day. He then asks when Harri was getting home and I asked him if he was missing him and he said he was.

When Harri and Jay are together all you hear is fighting, crying and yelling. Of course they love each other and have a great time together - but there is also the typical sibling rivalry.

All day today Harri has been asking when it was going to be three o'clock. He knows Jay starts walking home at 3 o'clock and knows it is after lunch. At 11am he asks if he could have his lunch. I told him it wasn't really lunch time, but I could make him a sandwich. He then says 'no, I'll have my lunch and then Jay will come home!'. He always thinks if he has an early lunch, that it will make 3 o'clock come faster.

At one stage he was looking really sad and I asked him if he was okay, and his bottom lip started quivering and he burst into tears. He came and had a cuddle and told me he was missing Jay. I think because they didn't see each other very much yesterday, they both really felt it - and it was only one afternoon! Of course that didn't stop the fights, yelling and crying today after school!! :)


  1. Won't they love the bath photos when they are older! Lauren already gives me grief about photos like "that"! Thanks for reassuring me that the fighting, screaming, crying is normal - just one question, is it still normal if it's ME that's doing it???

  2. My brother and sister and I fought like cats and dogs. It was only until I moved out of home before we got along. My brother is one of my best friends now. I hope you don't have to wait another 10 years before the fighting stops! Haha.

    Actually, there is also an age difference of 5 years between me and my brother. It works well now. I'm sure Jay and Harri will always be good mates. :)

    I wonder if you could convince Simone to take all 4 of them! I mean, it's not like she has anything else on this week! Ha!

  3. What a beautiful friendship they have. Poor Harri when Jay goes on a mission. Well I guess he has 10 years to prepare for that!

  4. brothers! and they say girls are emotional! (I still can't believe you've got FOUR boys)!


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