Thursday, 13 November 2008

New Horizons

Today Noah's class went up to Summerdale Primary School to take part in a sports day. It was put on by the New Horizons Club and they do it every year. It allows kids with disabilities to take part in different indoor and outdoor sports.

Harri, Kobe and I went up for a look. Noah was sound asleep when I got there, but as soon as he heard us his eyes opened up and seemed happy to see us.

Kobe loved being out and seeing all the action going on. He loved everyone talking to him.

While we were there they played something similar to lawn bowls, where you had to try to get your ball closest to the white one.

The ladies helping the kids were great with the kids.

It's nice that Noah is getting out and about so much while he is at the special school full time. They have their own bus that is set up for wheelchairs, so it's easy for them to just jump on and go and do something away from school.


  1. Patrick told me he'd seen Noah today, and I thought he must've been mistaken. I said "did you go up and say hello", and he said he wasn't sure if it really was Noah! Looks like they had fun!

  2. It is just wonderful that they get out so much. Looks like lots of fun.

  3. Is that a finger going up Kobe's nose? Good to see you all at the supermarket,and of course i was embarrasing myself as usual!! Love Mum xxx

  4. I saw Noah's wheelchair, but not his face on TV. Is he holding out to be in The Examiner tomorrow to follow the King tradition???

  5. Hi Kylie - yes we saw the bottom of Noah's chair too on the news too. Kobe was there though in full range - it was really quick though. He was sitting in his pram. That is funny that Patrick saw Noah. I was keeping my eye out for him and Lauren.

  6. They had a great day on Thursday for it. Was going to try and get to it but William has started to get his two year molars and he has not been sleeping all that well and cranky during the day! Thanks for the pic of Charlotte, am trying to work out if she is snoozing and missing all the fun, would be typical!


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