Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Remembrance Day Baby

Simone did an amazing job and delivered her beautiful little boy this morning. What a great day to have a baby - Remembrance Day! I was so excited when my phone went off with a message at 3.30am this morning. I knew it couldn't be anyone but Simone as she had promised me she would let me know any time of the day or night that she was in labour. For the next hour I was so excited and couldn't sleep, and when I finally did go back to sleep I had the strangest dreams about Simone in labour.

As soon as Aaron got home from school, I dashed up to hospital to visit. It was so lovely to finally meet him, and hard to believe that he was in Simone's tummy all this time. I looks like Simone may get her wish and have the name that she wanted, but I won't say it yet just in case they changed their minds in the last hour.

The Wheeler team were also up there having lots of cuddles as well as Simon with the kids. The girls were fascinated by him.

What a special day and a beautiful little family! Hopefully tonight they will all get lots of sleep.


  1. Simone looks great,and theyr'e lovely family photos.If she had just had him about a half hour earlier. That would be quite the Rememberabce day. Love Mum xxx

  2. aw...this post makes me hate living in Bridport...miss my cuddles already:) Great photos Lisa...glad you included one of yourself:)

  3. What a gorgeous baby, and a lovely photo of you Lisa!

  4. Yeah I agree about the photo of you. You are looking like a very 'Yummy Mummy' there. Great shots! Simone and Simon won't need pixie photos to come in now.

  5. the kids look tickled pink, so does Simon actually.

  6. Thanks Lisa for being so quick to the put the photos up! Sam and Ella got their first look at their new cousin and were very excited.

  7. You did great with your hew baby photo shoot Lisa! Tell Simone we are all thinking of her and hope she feels okay :)

  8. Thanks Carli - I actually was taken off the 'official photographer' roll as Simon and Simone invested in their own digital SLR camera, but I was happy to go up a few hours after he was born to meet him and take a few happy snaps for myself :)
    Some one took some great 'fresh out of the oven' shots on Simone's camera. We will have to wait till Simone is out of hospital to see them on their blog as Simon says he's not blogging -party pooper!

  9. Hi Lisa
    Yesterday while we raced into Launceston to Spotlight, Mel wanted to go and see Simone while I stayed in the car with Tyren..Mel was only there for 1/2 and hour, because I gave her a time limit.Shopping!!!!!Then we took off to Spotlight...happily browsing around Spotlight an hour and half later Simone texted Mel and wanted us to go back up there because it was quiet, so we did a naughty thing and got us a hot chocolate and cheese cake and went up to see Simone and we stayed there for at least an hour.Simone didn't want us to go..but by then I was all babied out..hehehe
    Baby is beautiful and I can see all her other kids in this cute bundle..


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