Sunday, 9 November 2008

Tea at the Triffitt's

Yesterday we went to visit Mum and Dad, and then went to Eden and Steph's house for tea. It's great having family live so close together - especially when you have to drive all the way out to 'the sticks'! ;)

It was a great night catching up, cutting hair (I stir Eden that is the only reason he invites me out), eating yummy food and watching the boys play with Chloe and Lachlan. Harri was so excited to go out there all week. As soon as we got there he kept asking if he could have a bath with Chloe after tea.

Chloe is so lovely with Lachlan, Noah and Kobe. She showers them with love, and they don't mind it at all.

Steph is a great cook and made us a very yummy tea.

Lachlan and Kobe were so cute 'talking' together. Kobe is so rough with him though and kept rolling towards him and grabbing his face! I'm sure Lachlan will pay him back in years to come.

The boys had a lovely time. They love running around their new house - there's so much space, especially compared to our tiny house.

We got home very late and the boys were exhausted. Kobe slept from 9pm in the car on the way home until 8 am this morning!! We might have to go out to the fresh country air more often! ;)


  1. What a fantastic house! I love the last photo of Kobe and Harri! Has Harri got a shiner???

  2. Yep - that is a carpet burn! Something about an incident with the couch at Eden and Steph's house!

  3. Aaron & Noah look very comfy on the couch.

  4. I thought he had a shiner,and knew he didn't get it at our house! It's nice that all the kids have so many cousins to grow up with. Love Mum xxx

  5. You even got a shot of Eden at the sink.. Classic.

    Looks like lots o fun

  6. I think thats funny and so cute about Harry chaucking a tantrum at church..That reminded me of one members little boy who did the same thing..when his Dad took him out from church he yells out in the middle of the sacrament and says.."Robbie help me, don't smack me"..Everytime I hear something similar, I think of this funny boys can be!
    But when they are asleep they are little angels hey!

  7. Kobe looks like he is saying"Don't mess with me mate" Love Mum xxx

  8. i love the shot of harri and kobe fast alseep in the car. what a fun time they must have had.


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