Thursday, 20 November 2008

It's Always Fun When Grandma Comes

Today Mum came to visit, while she was waiting for Dad at the hospital. She walked in and the first thing she does is spray Harri with silly string. Harri starts freaking out and crying (it was very unexpected!) and then says 'you will have to clean it up Grandma!!' (I had just cleaned the house and made Harri help me, so he wasn't very happy that Grandma came and messed it all up again!). Talk about a party pooper!

When Jay got home from school Mum tells him to go down and look in the sandpit as there was a surprise there. Jay is so excited and starts having a look, while Mum attacks him with the string! He thought it was great, and did his usual scream like a girl!!

Harri thought it was great at first, but then yells 'don't get it on the lightsabar Grandma!!!'.

Jay thought it was great fun to pay back Grandma.

It's always fun when Grandma comes!


  1. That is so cool! My grandma just used to bring these horrible jam drops that we'd find fingernails and hair baked in!!!!!

  2. hi lisa
    that would of been sooo fun for your mother to play with the kids..i like doing things like that with my grandkids..i always get told off because i'm too lound and i stir the kids up....

  3. Poor Harri will have another phobia to go with his dog and "scary-things-in-car-boots" phobias! Sounds like fun though - what a cool Grandma!

    P.S. Thanks to Elissa, I now have a jam drop phobia!!!

  4. Good on you Jay getting her back!! She's not too old yet for you to do that!

  5. I even found silly string in my bra!!! Love Mum xxx

  6. haha gotta love silly string! I've now got that song in my head!

  7. Yes oh yes the facelift is due right now. All donations gratefully accepted.Thankyou in advance!!!


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