Tuesday, 4 November 2008

My Healthy Boy

Harri is always coming out with something hilarious. I keep thinking I need to post them on here more often, as he cracks me up everyday with something that he says. Today I went and bought a bottle of kids Claratyne. Jay gets bad hay fever and I thought I would also try Noah with it, to see if it helps his secretions a bit.

I got home with it and asked Jay how his hay fever had been today. He said it was okay, and I told him to let me know if it was bad as I had some new medicine he could try. Harri then asks if he could have some too. I told him he couldn't as it was just for Jay and Noah. He wasn't very happy and asks 'why!?'. I told him it was because he was healthy. He plonked himself down on the floor and crosses his arms and says 'I don't like being healthy!' (I just had to make him sit down again and pose for me!).


  1. He is such a character. Let's hope he's always healthy. Poor Jay - hay fever is no fun!

  2. Oh, Harri Larri makes me laugh Grandma xxx

  3. Harri you are just too funny.


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