Saturday, 9 August 2008

Game Day

Today was the match between Hawthorn and the Brisbane Lions. Aaron was going to go with Harri and Jay, but after Harri getting bored in the first five minutes of the first game he took him to, Jim very quickly offered to buy Harri's ticket at the last game they went to. I think everyone was keen to get their hands on the ticket as once again it was sold out, and there were only standing tickets left.

Jay was excited to meet Hawka yet again! Harri saw the photo of them and said 'Jay and Buddy!!' (for those who don't follow footy or live in the U.S, 'Buddy' plays for Hawthorn and is probably the best player in the AFL).

The REAL 'Buddy'!

Aaron said it was an awesome game to see live as it was Shane Crawford's 300th game.

He said the highlight of the game was seeing Shane with his son and seeing the players get the ball to Shane so he could kick a goal in the last quarter. He said when he finally got a goal it was awesome seeing the reaction of the players.

It was a great result with the Hawks winning 110 to 41, so Aaron and Jay both came home in a great mood.

When they got home Aaron said he would have loved to go to the after match function. Kobe was screaming the house down, and Harri isn't feeling well and had fallen asleep on the couch, so I told him to go back to it with Noah and Jay. He was happy that the boys could have some photos taken with Sam Mitchell and Campbell Brown and the coach - Alistair Clarkson. Yesterday Alistair Clarkson was so lovely to Noah and made a big effort to come over and talk to him and asked all about him and how old he was etc.


  1. Great photos! Those Hawks boys are genuinely nice blokes aren't they? I really like Alastair Clarkson - great guy!

  2. wow, looks like they had a blast

  3. So pleased for you Aaron, and I was really excited to see Shane get his goal and the other players reaction. Alex came home a very happy boy too. M I L xxx


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