Saturday, 23 August 2008

Kelsea's 2nd Birthday

Today is Kels' 2nd birthday, so we drove to Devonport for her party. When we got there she was having a great time running around with her cousins who had come up from Hobart.

She seemed to like the present we bought her and kept saying 'people, people!' (little people).

The kids had a great time eating, playing with the bubbles and running around outside.

Chrish was the music man for pass the parcel. Bet he was glad he was down from Sydney to do that! ;)

I'm not sure if Noah or Aaron was more excited when the music stopped on them. Lucky for Aaron, Noah unwrapped a layer and won a Mars bar and Noah is a good sharer! ;)

It was nice to catch up with the whole family at once again. It's great having Chrish down. Anyone know of any good jobs for him, so we can keep him in Tassie!?!?! ;)

Mother's club meeting on the couch.

Becky made Kels an awesome Dorothy the Dinosaur cake. It looked great.


  1. It was a fun day,and Kelsea was so happy. I think she had a great birthday Mum xxx

  2. I am the music man, I come from down your way and I can play.

    Was good seeing everyone today, looked like Kels had fun, which is the main objective.

    Haha, It might take more than a job to keep me down here.

  3. What Chrish needs is a woman to keep him down in Tassie! That would be the icing on the cake, right?!?

  4. Paige, that would be a good thing for my family. They would love to keep me here.


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