Saturday, 16 August 2008

Brekky Central

This morning the women from church had 'Sunrise at Brekky Central'. We had a beautiful cooked breakfast, before we had our Visiting Teaching Convention. The food was great - pancakes, fresh fruit, bread and butter puddings, yoghurt and muesli, cereals, toast, juice and hot drinks.

Simone - this pic is for you. Collette said you have a thing for cold toast and vegemite!?

After brekky Carol (Kazza), Karina (Mel) and Alecia (Kim) did a hilarious skit. Kazza was the reporter at Brekky Central and was interviewing them about the wrong way to go about Visiting Teaching. It was soooo funny. Karina and Alecia were hilarious saying that they take all of their twenty kids (they have ten each) and its a good two hours of free babysitting. They also said that they take a message to the person they were visiting and they get the message either out of the TV week or Women's Weekly. They then redid the interview about the right way to do Visiting Teaching. Karina and Alecia surprised me with their great humor as they are usually both so quiet!

After the skit we had a session of 'speed visiting teaching' where we had a minute to talk to the person opposite and had four questions to ask them to find out more about them. Thanks to my apprentice Collette for snapping some photos for me :)


  1. where are all my pics of you? By the way I'm commenting from my iphone using maccas free net sweet

  2. Sounds like a nice morning.
    Lisa, can you say hi to Kylie and give her a big hug from me.
    i LOVED your snow pictures, they are beautiful. The boys looked like they had a blast.
    We really want to take the kids too, but can't find a free saturday fo ages away. I think we might take the day off school one day this week!

  3. Ha.Trust Collette not to let me forget my weird eating habits. Not as nice as vegemite with raisin toast though!!


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