Friday, 22 August 2008

Jolly Jumping

Kobe just turned 12 weeks this week, but he likes to think that he is a lot older than he really is. At the moment if you lay him down or put him in his capsule he tries with all his might to sit back up again. Today when I went to pick him up in the childcare at the gym the child care worker commented on how he is happy as long as someone is talking to him, but as soon as no one is talking to him he cracks it. He just wants to be a part of what is going on around him.

My other boys didn't use the jolly jumper until they were at least 4 months. Kobe has always had a really strong neck and I was desperately trying to get some ironing done today as it had piled up for weeks, but he (and Noah!) weren't co-operating. I almost gave up, but remembered the jolly jumper was in the cupboard so I pulled it out. He LOVED it! He thought it was great watching me iron and he even started to work out that he could actually move if he jumped up and down a little. I know what I will be using a lot of now!!


  1. He's so gorgeous! I'm Alison, I came to church with Anna and Devin tonight! I've read your blog for ages through reading Anna's, just haven't commented. Sorry if that sounds like a stalker, haha. I will introduce myself next time I'm at church. I'm gonna come back! I really like it! I know lots of people from the church anyway.. I lived with Esther Woolley my first year of uni. I was sitting with Seth and Devin and Anna tonight. I saw you and all the kids running around and felt like I knew you anyway, haha.
    Anyway, you have a good night! :)

  2. Tanner loved the "johnny jumper." It's an old one that came from a co-worker of Doug's. It has gone through her 3 kids and then my 5. It's seen a lot of action over the years!

  3. He looks really ready for the jolly jumper - what a cutie. That wonderful contraption will keep him occupied for months!


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