Saturday, 30 August 2008

Helping Hands

Today we had a Stake Service Project at Newstead Heights School. It was in two lots of three hour shifts. I had signed up for the afternoon shift, but because it was at Noah's school and also just up the road I went for a walk with Kobe to check out what was going on during the morning shift. There were about 70 people there in the morning, all busy working.

We were asked to make up 100 communication books for kids with disabilities who attend Newstead Heights and St George's Schools. We had to cut, laminate and cut pages again. Each child had around 100 pages in their book - all of which had to be laminated and cut out.

Kobe charmed all the women as usual.

The real paparazzi was there today. Rob had a great time talking to me about my camera and giving Carol advice about what type of camera to buy. She wants to get a bit more professional now she is a blogger :)

Kobe and I stayed for a little while and then came home to get some lunch, before my shift started. Noah had a very bad day today - screaming all day, so Aaron stayed home with him. Chrish was at our place when I got home, so I dragged him along to the afternoon shift with me. Jay also came along and had fun playing with the kids. Harri desperately wanted to come, but still can't walk on his very sore and swollen foot, so he had to stay home, and there were lots of tears when we left :(

It was actually lots of fun. We had a fun table and we mucked around and talked the whole time.

Everyone worked flat out - some even staying for the whole 6 hours! Go Collette, Jess and Jadey.

It will be interesting to find out how many books were made altogether.


  1. i love your bit... 'rob gave carol advice now that she is a blogger and all.

    i'll put my blog up soon

  2. I see Devin there, cutting out and laminating colourful things, like a future kinder teacher should ;)

  3. You do so many wodnerful things - you are an inspiration!

    That lovely boy of yours isn't teething is he? I noticed his rosy cheeks in one photo. He is so gorgeous - reminds me of Noah.

  4. wow Lisa such a neat project. Junior uses the symbols like that every day.
    Kobe is so cute.

  5. haha...we're not crazy just HARDCORE SERVICE JUNKIES!! ;)

  6. wish I could have been there but I was driving back from Hobart-looks like a great thing for the kids to have. Hope Harri recovers soon :)

  7. Ha ha nah Im not hardcore... I actually didnt mind it! It was a shame we didn't get more done!

  8. Ah those were the days. Was actually quite fun, even with the fun police complaining about cutting


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