Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Baby Barry

When I was pregnant we told Harri that the babies name was 'Barry' as he was starting to give away the name to people. So today he asks me 'Mum, why did you stay in hospital?'. I reminded him that I had a baby and he then says 'you didn't have Barry, you had Kobe! Why didn't we have Barry?'. I told him that we tricked him and he then says 'We will have baby Barry later!'. Um - that would be a big NOT, Harri!!!!


  1. Harri's not the only one waiting for number 5 - Barry, BUDDY - we don't mind! You've got room in the van!

  2. it would be awesome if you had a barry...then he could do the barry and be a barry and all that...aaah good times:)


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