Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Big Brother

It's funny watching Noah's reaction to Kobe whenever they are close by. Noah's vision isn't great, but whenever Kobe is around he always looks at him - usually wondering what all the noise is, coming from such a little thing!

Soon he will have to get used to him crawling over him and pulling at his face like Harri used to when he was little. It's strange watching your baby develop so fast, and then seeing them do more than Noah.

Noah has been assessed at being at a 3 month old level, so Kobe and Noah are almost at the same stage already. We always refer to Noah as being our 'baby in a boys body' and we love him that way. People will sometimes make comments like they are 'sorry' for us, but we aren't sorry we have him. We always say that he is the best boy out of the 4 of them! We always know where he is, he never answers back or argues, he never fights with his brothers and never chucks a tantrum. Aaron always complains though that he also never helps to clean up his room (which is also our bedroom!), but then one day Jalen quickly reminded Aaron that he also never messes it up!!! :)


  1. Absolutely love the photo of Noah and Kobe,it's gorgeous, and poor Noah being unable to fight Kobe off in a little while Harri and Jae are going to have to be his bodyguards. Love Mum xxx

  2. What beautiful photos! Noah is gorgeous, and always seems to have a twinkle in his eye - I'd love to know what he's thinking about his brothers!

    PS Can I come to your house for a holiday?!!

  3. they are so cute together! noah IS the perfect child :)

  4. I hadn't thought of the fact that Kobe will soon surpass Noah in 'age' - I agree with your Mum, he will definitely need bodyguards!

  5. What a beautiful photo lisa of Noah and his youngest brother Kobe!!! I know that you guys are BLESSED to have Noah and that he brings your whole family so much LOVE and JOY!!!!


  6. such wonderful pics of Kobe and Noah. Noah looks like he isn't sure what to think of Kobe.


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