Thursday, 14 August 2008

Walking to School

Noah hasn't been able to go to school over the past few weeks so I have been relying on other people to help me get Jalen to school. Often I will ring one of the other Mum's to come and pick him up, as it saves me having to load up the other three boys in the van just to drive him up the hill.

The other morning I rang one of his friends Mum's and she was more than happy to come and pick him up. The bell goes at 8.55am and at 8.50am Jalen starts panicking asking whether she had forgotten, as she still hadn't come to get him. I told him that there was no way she would have forgotten as I just spoke to her an hour before. She then rocks up at 8.55am apologising as she got busy and totally forgot to come and get him. Jalen loves getting to school early and hates arriving just on the bell, so he wasn't a happy camper.

The next morning I asked him if he wanted me to ring her again to come and get him and he said he thought he should walk. It isn't a very long walk at all, and I had been contemplating for a while whether he was now responsible enough to walk to school on his own. We had a big talk about crossing the road and not talking to strangers etc. He went into his bedroom and came out a few minutes later and told me that he said a prayer. I asked him if he was worried about it and if he was I could get someone to take him or take him myself and he said 'no, I'll be fine - I said a prayer that I would get there safely and that I wouldn't get killed!'. Talk about dramatic!! It doesn't help that we had a double murder right across the street!

He was then really excited to walk. I watched him walk all the way to the end of our street and made sure that he crossed the road okay. I even rang school 15 minutes later to make sure he got there okay! Talk about a worrier!

Walking past the murderers' house!

At school he found out that one of the boys in his class who lives across the road also walks to school, so this morning they met at 8.15am and walked together. Its nice to know that he has someone else to go with now. He is now really excited to meet Karlton every morning to walk with him. I think even once Noah goes back to school, Jay will still want to keep walking!


  1. No wonder thar kid has "issues" when his mother takes photos of him walking past the 'double murder house' anyway thanks for tea tonight and thue usual King dramas Love Mum xxx

  2. That backpack of Jay's is huge! It looks like it's bigger than him. What's in it? I am guessing there's a football in it.

  3. Who knows what is in there Nicki - he takes his stacking cups for the stacking cup club and also library books.

  4. Jay is getting so grown up

  5. hahaha the shot of him walking past the 'murderers house' had me laughing out who's being dramatic?

  6. That's so great that Jay can now walk to school - what a load off your back. A big step though, and it's so sweet that he went and said a prayer. I was just thinking that I hope we live somewhere where our kids will be safe walking to school - but then I thought 'Hey - if you are living near a double murder house and Jay can walk to school then I guess where ever we are we will be fine!!!!'

  7. lis, i actually cried when i read this post. how special is that boy of yours!!!


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