Friday, 29 August 2008

3 boys, 3 tests

Today was a big day for all my three boys at home. Jalen was the lucky one who got to go to school, and didn't have to have any medical tests.

Noah had a barium swallow done first. He has had a few of these, but none for a long time. It's a test to see if he is refluxing. He had to have radioactive dye put into his tummy and then we watched it on an Xray screen. The test showed that he didn't reflux during the test, but that doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't reflux at all.

Kobe then had his second hearing test. All newborns have their hearing screened in hospital, but because we only stayed in for one night we missed out on the test and had to have it done as an outpatient. When he had his first test done a few weeks ago he passed with one ear, but not the other. He had a cold at the time so I wasn't worried. Today we had his second test and he passed with both ears.

Last night while we were watching Jalen play basketball, Harri was out in the foyer playing with some other kids. The lady that works there came in carrying him and he was screaming his head off. She said something had happened in the foyer, but wasn't sure what it was. He said that another boy hurt his foot, and he wouldn't stop crying. On the way home he cried and cried and told us another boy had a basketball and it accidentally went onto his foot. Usually if Harri gets hurt he will have a quick cry and then settle down, but he kept going on and on and on. We couldn't see anything wrong with his foot, but he wouldn't walk and kept saying it hurt. I cooked tea and tried to get the boys organised for bed, but Harri just kept crying saying that he wanted a cuddle. I then sat on the couch with him for about 3 hours as he wouldn't move.

We tried elevating it, ice packs, panadol, anti inflammatory cream, homeopathics, and neurofen. He started to settle down but kept crying on and off saying he needed to go to hospital. It started to swell and I started to think that we should take him to Accident and Emergency at the hospital as he just wasn't settling down. A freddo frog settled him for about 5 minutes, but he then started up again. Finally he fell asleep in my arms and I carried him to bed. I thought he would wake up this morning and he would be fine, but at midnight he woke up screaming again and then this morning he woke up and yelled out for us to carry him as he couldn't walk. This morning it was quite swollen, but no bruising.

All day he refused to walk on it, and when he did he was really limping. I dragged him to Kobe's hearing test with me and the whole 20 metres he had to walk from the car to the clinic he cried and limped. When we got home he laid back on the couch like he had been all morning and watched DVD's. He was quite happy as long as he didn't have to walk on it. Every now and then he would yell out 'I'm doing a wee!!' and I would run and carry him to the toilet. It really scared me when he yelled 'I'm doing a poo!'. Lucky for me he held on till I got him to the toilet!! Two dirty bums in one day is enough for me!

At lunch time I went into our GP and the receptionist said to bring him in this afternoon. We went down and I had to carry him in. The GP got him to show him how tall he could stand on his tippy toes. Harri thought it was great fun reaching up to the ceiling. The GP said he didn't think it was broken as he could put weight on it, but sent us off for an Xray just in case.

Harri loved having the Xray done. He laid up on the bed and thought it was so funny that the man was taking pictures of his feet. When the guy said that he was done, Harri sat up and said 'is it fixed now!?'. The guy had a bit of a chuckle.

We went back to the GP with the films and he said nothing was broken but there was a lot of swelling and most likely a lot of internal bruising which would be why he was getting so much pain. He told us to keep doing what we are doing and it should settle down soon. Harri was so proud to come home and show Jay the photos of his feet.


  1. Poor Harri! I hope it's much better soon- especially by Monday!

  2. Sounds like a very eventful day! I hope Harri is running around again soon! :)

  3. Poor Harri, hope he is better soon.

  4. Oh Harri, I sure hope your foot feels better soon. Such a busy day.

  5. Poor Harri, I can just imagine the crying and screaming going on :)

    Hope he's feeling better

  6. Poor old Harri. He wouldn,t be a very little "happy feet at the moment. Hey Lee, remember how I have always complained that I can,t do maths,count without using my fingers,can,t read a map,as well as my sense of direction is non existent,don,t know my left from my right,can,t do any games with memory or rythym,or even struggle to read my watch,well there is a condition called dyscalculia,similar to dyslexia. I,ve noticed lately when I,ve been following a car when driving, I can,t read the number plate,I get the numbers all muddled up, and it has gradually been getting worse. Now I know why I,m ashamed to say I only got 3% in my schools board maths exam. I just don,t understand why I wasn,t given remedial help.So glad Jae didn,t get that genetic factor. I suppose I should feel a sense of relief that there is a name for it,but I feel really stupid,and a bit depressed about it. Does Aaron have any of his kids in his maths class with the problem? Love Mum xxxzx

  7. What a big day - you must have been exhausted! Hope Harri is happy again. It's such a worry when things like that happen - you feel like you should take them to the Dr just in case! Glad there were no broken bones though!


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