Thursday, 7 August 2008

Attacked by an Octopus!

Jalen walked in the door after school with a sad look on his face. I asked him what happened and he spun around and showed me his face. They were playing 'Octopus' and he fell over and he said Tennyson accidentally stood on his face! He also had a bleeding lip. I got the camera out and he quickly said 'I'm not going to smile!'.


  1. Oh dear! That was one rough game of Octopus Jay! It seems as though it has got much rougher since my day.

  2. Sorry to see that Jalen was hurt. Unfortunately Patrick has a very similar injury and quite a bit more from being kicked in the head by a NASTY bully earlier this year. I'm glad Jalen's was accidental. Can't believe the boys are nearly 9! Scary!

  3. And here I was thinking that stingrays were dangerous, look out for the octopus as well I see.

  4. Hi Jae, What is octopus? It doesn,t look like much fun to me. Your face looks like mine when I first wake up in the morning.Hope your face is better soon. Love Grandma xxx

  5. Wow thats never happened when i make the kids play octopus, and i do it alot!! Random!


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