Monday, 18 August 2008

Big Brothers

The boys are loving that Kobe is a lot more interactive now. They can spend ages now just talking to him and trying to get him to smile. They love it when he gives them a big grin.

Harri always says 'Kobe wuvs me!'. Today all I could hear from Harri was 'hello cheeky, cheeky bum!'.


  1. He certaintly is a chatter box, well he was until the girls came.

    Love his smile.

  2. He is so photogenic. I love it how your boys are so interactive with him.

  3. You have four gorgeous boys! can you believe we'll have NINE year olds soon?!?

  4. hi lisa
    you have a beautiful family and all boys wow!!! i know my sister had 6 boys and 1 girl and she loved bringing up boys..they are soo affectionate when you're parents really love you..just like you lisa...when we were at the porter's house to see declan and justine i was watching how you took care of all your kids lisa...I TAKE MY HAT OFF TO should be voted for "The best mum in the world"..I know I rave on but you are a good mother Lisa and to have another little baby and how you balance everything out..I think alot of mum's tend to quick after 2 or 3 because they think it gets harder but life is what you make of it and especially if you have faith and the gospel in our lives we know who to call on..
    anyway, I better go or else I'll make myself cry..(Hehehe)

  5. Great pics of the boys, Kobe is growing so quick


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