Saturday, 16 August 2008


This afternoon on the spur of the moment we decided to go to the snow. We thought we would go out towards the Great Lakes instead of Ben Lomond as the drive is too scary. It was a beautiful drive and we kept commenting on how pretty it was. We are so lucky to live in Tassie - despite the cold.

As soon as we hit a tiny bit of snow the boys were SO excited. Harri kept saying over and over 'wow, wow!'. The boys wanted to pull over as soon as they saw a spot to pull over, but we drove so we could see the Lakes and saw that there was hardly snow there so turned around and headed back to where there was a bit more snow.

There wasn't very much, but enough for the boys to have a play and they loved it.

Aaron and I took turns staying in the van with Kobe and Noah. Noah wasn't have the best day and was cranky, even without being outside in the cold.

We did get them both out for a quick photo though - had to prove to them that they both actually went to the snow this year :) As soon as I felt the snow under my feet I couldn't help but think of my year in the U.S.A and trudging to school through the snow every morning.

We stayed for about an hour and the boys had so much fun. All the way home Harri kept asking if we could go to the snow another day.


  1. We've been meaning to go to Poatina and see the snow because I agree the drive up Ben Lomond is too scary! How long did it take you to reach the snow, and which way did you go?

  2. Kylie - we went via Exton as we have friends out that way,so we really only went through Golden Valley and to the Lakes that way. It took an hour to hit the snow, but there really wasn't very much. The boys didn't care though. You should go the other way though I think as you would probably find more snow.

  3. Great snow photos! How fun for the boys...I'm busting to take Eli, and was meant to in Hobart. Maybe next year. Hope Noah has a better night than the 'cranky' day he had today. You do so well.

  4. Good on you guys for braving it. The wind chill factor was enough to put me off today. Jayme went with the youth and had a really fun day. We only go to Mount Barrow these days, its usually pretty good there. Looks like the boys loved it though.

  5. Fun to see the kids in the snow. I must admit that I'm sooooo glad it is summer here. I'd take the heat of summer (107 here today) over the cold of winter anyday!

  6. No invite to the snow. shame on you. haha. You know how much I hate the cold.

    Good to see the boys had fun though.

  7. Snow oh my, it is over 100 degrees here. Looks like the kids had a blast


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