Friday, 8 August 2008

Footy Fanatics

To celebrate the opening of the Olympic games today, Jay's school had a free dress day where they could wear any clothes to do with different sports. Jalen of course wore his Hawks top, so Harri thought he should do the same and wore his top all day too. Kobe decided he should also join in the fun, although he does look a bit scared in these pics ;) Maybe he is a bit worried about the game tomorrow!

After school, Hawthorn were having a training session at Aurora Stadium. They are playing the Brisbane Lions tomorrow afternoon. Aaron's version of the afternoon will be very different to mine. He was VERY excited to see them and had a job from his school's Parents and Friends Association to buy a Hawks guernsey and get it signed by as many of the big players as possible, so it could be auctioned off to raise money for the school. While he was stalking (whoops! I mean looking for) players, I was busy trying to settle Kobe who was very overtired and just wanted to be home in bed, as well as watched Noah who was cranky in his wheelchair and also tried to keep my eyes on the other two to make sure they didn't get lost in the crowd. Fun! Needless to say it wasn't a very relaxing night for me, and I was glad Hawthorn finally left so we could also go. I hardly got to take any photos, but I still enjoy seeing Aaron and the boys get excited about Hawthorn.

The funniest thing was Harri kept asking 'where's Buddy!?'. The team was taking ages to come out onto the field and I kept telling him that Buddy wasn't here yet and he would be coming out later. He then saw the mascot 'Hawka' and yells 'there's Buddy!!'. He then ran up to Hawka and yells 'hi Buddy!!'. What a crack up.

The team did a quick training and then headed straight to the bus. As soon as they went into the rooms, Aaron ran around to the bus to try to grab some of the players before they got on. He was very happy to get so many of them to sign the back of Noah's wheelchair, as well as the guernsey for the school. I really wanted to get some pics of them signing the chair, but Kobe wasn't co-operating. Shane Crawford is still by far the nicest player - he makes a real effort with the fans, and especially with the kids. Jay was excited as he said Shane said to him 'how you going mate!?'. It made his night. Tomorrow Aaron and Jay are going to the game. Hopefully they will come home happy and with no migraine :)


  1. Kobe looks so cute all decked out in his Hawks gear!

  2. What a top night!!! I don't know what you are on about. I believe you weren't to upset to see Ben Dixon!!!!!!

  3. Seeing Ben did make the night a bit more bearable I guess :)

  4. Harri knows the inside club secrets well! Maybe Buddy's fame and glory is getting too much for him now, that he has to come in the Hawka suit. Very smart nephew I have there!

  5. Noah definitely has the coolest chair in town! Go Hawks!

  6. Very sad your roping Kobe into the Hawks already, no wonder he had the look of horror on his face.

    I'll go for the Hawks against the Lions today, just for Aaron.

    Hope you guys have fun, see ya later in the week.

  7. they all look great in their hawks stuff. Sounds like the boys had fun.


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