Sunday, 24 August 2008

Conference Sunday

Today was Stake Conference. Jalen hasn't been feeling great for the past few days and last night he got a lot worse, so he stayed home with Aaron and Noah today. It was a beautiful drive to Devonport, with the sun shining and the snow on the mountains. I remember that on the drive to conference 6 months ago there was also snow on the mountains, but at least this time it is Winter!

It was nice to see Nan and Pop both there. They hadn't met Kobe yet, so they were very excited to meet him. Nan kept saying 'he's a happy kind of a fellow isn't he!?'. Pop kept rubbing his hands and saying 'he's thirsty!'.

After conference everyone headed to the bluff for a picnic lunch. I think half of East Ward was there. This pic is just for you, Kieran!

It was a really nice sunny day, but a little bit windy. We all thought it was quite warm (for a Tasmanian Winter's day anyway), but Steph (who is still adjusting to Tassie weather) kept saying how cold it was and thought it was a good idea to go back to the car. It's a bit tricky with a newborn out in the cold.

Harri had about two bites of his roll and then thought it would be fun to feed the rest to the seagulls.

The kids (big and little!) had a great time playing and collecting rocks off the beach with Grandma.

Uncle Chrish kept pinching Kobe! He was telling us he will probably go back to Sydney in about a week. I figure if we can find him a good job, a good woman and a good house to buy then he will stay. We had better get cracking!! :)


  1. yeah. that pic of me rocks!

    and i would just like to say good on ya chrish for supporting the best team in the afl!

  2. Lucky I was just pinching him with two fingers instead of three. He'd had enough sleep anyway :)

    I was glad I had a jacket on at the bluff, it was a little cool with that wind up.

  3. My goodness you are the queen blogger! You are so quick at getting these posts up!

  4. Only a Mormon would be on play equipment in a suit!!


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