Thursday, 21 August 2008

"I'm not Buddy!"

Tonight we went shopping at Coles and as bribery for Harri being good while we were shopping, he was allowed to get a lolly pop. At the checkout the guy serving us scans the lolly pop and then asks me if I wanted it kept out. I said that would be great, and he hands it to Harri and says 'here you go, buddy!'. Harri looks at the guy like he is a total idiot and says 'I'm not Buddy!'. I laughed and said to him that the guy said he was his 'buddy' and Harri just laughs and says 'I'm not Buddy Franklin!'. So funny! He has been around Aaron too long and all he thinks about is Hawthorn!


  1. Sounds like brain washing to me, poor kids. Maybe we can find a doctor to bring them back to normal.

    See ya tomorrow

  2. Perfectly reasonable brainwashing too! Big steps to follow in Harri! Let's hope Buddy will make us all proud!

  3. Imagine how crushed Aaron would be if the boys decided to barrack for another team. I would love to see that!

  4. Harri you are just too funny.

  5. That is a total crack up - Mick and I both got a workout from all the laughing!!! You guys are so funny!


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