Friday, 22 August 2008

Stake Talent Night

This weekend is Stake Conference and for the activity tonight we had a talent night. The boys were very keen to go in the talent night doing their stacking cups, so the last couple of nights they have been practicing with music. Seth Woolley said when he saw the boys names on the program he thought for sure they must have been singing the Hawthorn club song. On the program they were down as the fifth act, but all of a sudden they became the second act. They did a great job - warming up the audience by getting them to all clap along with the music.

The audience seemed to enjoy it with lot of cheering, calling out to them and clapping. Harri was a crack up, watching the audience the whole time he was stacking.

There was a wide variety of acts which was good.

Sorry Wheeler team, Gibson's and Triffitt's - I didn't get any pics of your act as Kobe decided to wake up and cry during it. Not sure if that is any reflection on your act! ;D Here are some of the captivated audience. Chrish flew all the way down from Sydney for it!

Some slippery guy in the audience! ;D


  1. That guy is not slippery, he looks hot!!!

  2. Look at that fast action shot with Jae!!!! Loved it when Harri took time to scratch his ear,and he seem very captivated by the audience. Absoultely proud of my boys. Grandma xxx

  3. Looks like it was such a fun night!
    Your boys were very brave performing at the 'Stake' talent night... But they do look very professional!

  4. is that my mum dressed up as an old woman? what a card!!!

  5. Yep Chels - that is your Mum alright!! She was a crack up - acting like an old fogie!!

  6. Hey Lisa what is this "acting" bit ....I AM AN OLD FOGIE...NO GROWING OLD GRACEFULLY FOR ME ...i am going out enjoying every minute of it...there has to be a class act in every Talent Night and i was in two of them...thanks for recording it for posterity... Tell Jalen and Harry they were AWESOME...Love Clarkie XXXXXX


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